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Medicare plans in Missouri

Healthy Blue Missouri – benefits for all your health needs

Staying healthy is about more than just doctor visits. Our Medicare plans have extra benefits that support your whole health, from fitness memberships to dental and vision care. 
Once you sign up for Medicare, you can add a Medicare Advantage plan from Healthy Blue Missouri. Our Medicare Advantage plans include drug coverage, dental and vision benefits, and a spending account for over-the-counter (OTC) health products.

Talk to an experienced advisor about what you need or see if Healthy Blue Missouri is available in your county. 

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Medicare Advantage plans with Healthy Blue Missouri

Medicare Advantage plans (Part C) are all-in-one plans from private insurers that give you more than Original Medicare. Healthy Blue’s Medicare Advantage plans include coverage for prescription drugs, dental, vision, and hearing aids. They also offer benefits such as SilverSneakers® fitness memberships and personal emergency response systems.

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Reasons to choose a Healthy Blue Missouri Medicare plan

Learn more about the benefits you will have with our Medicare plans.

Orange Ribbon   Up to $175 per month for over-the-counter and healthy groceries combined.

Orange Ribbon   Up to $3,000 per year for hearing aids and an exam.

Orange Ribbon   Essential Extras, services that make everyday life easier, like rides and meal delivery. 

Benefits may vary based on the plan you choose and where you live.

Your Medicare eligibility

Medicare is a health insurance program from the federal government, for people 65 or older, and younger individuals with disabilities or health conditions. It includes Part A (hospital care) and Part B (doctor services). Your Medicare eligibility is based on:

  • Your age.
  • Whether you’re retired or still working.
  • If you’re receiving Social Security benefits.
  • ​If you’re younger than 65 and meet certain health criteria.

Even if you still have employer health benefits at 65, enrolling in Medicare to replace or enhance your current insurance has many bonuses. Keep reading for more about Medicare enrollment.

If you just turned or are turning 65

If you’re older than 65

If you have both Medicare and MO HealthNet

If you just turned or are about to turn 65, you can apply for Medicare benefits. After that, you can add a Medicare Advantage plan. Learn more about when and how to apply during your initial enrollment period.

If you’re older than 65 and want to add private insurance to enhance Medicare, Healthy Blue Missouri can help. We have Medicare Advantage plans  with extra benefits you won’t receive with Original Medicare.

If you have both of these programs, Healthy Blue Missouri has special plans with extra benefits to meet your needs. Dual Eligible Special Needs Plans (D-SNPs) cover dental, vision, OTC health products, and more. Explore the extra coverage  you could have.


If you need help affording Medicare

If you need help paying for a Medicare Advantage plan, there are resources for you. Medicare Savings Programs can cover items such as plan premiums, copays, deductibles, and more, if you meet the income criteria.

Medicare Savings Programs
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